Judge refuses to suspend Weinstein Co.’s bankruptcy plan

WILMINGTON, Delaware, USA (AP) – The Delaware judge presiding over the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy case rejected a request by four women who accused disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct to suspend his approval of the company’s bankruptcy plan. .

The judge issued a one-page order on Wednesday denying the request for an emergency postponement as the women challenge the plan’s approval in federal district court in Delaware.

Lawyers for the four women responded on Friday with a request to the district court to suspend the ratification while that court considers the appeal of the aggrieved.

According to the bankruptcy petition filed with the court, the plan has been “substantially consummated”, effective Thursday.

The plan is contested by producer Alexandra Canosa and actresses Wedil David and Dominique Huett, who have accused Weinstein of sex crimes, and a former Weinstein Co. employee who claims to have suffered a hostile work environment.

According to the lawyers for the protesters, the plan includes excessive liability exemptions in favor of third parties, such as insurance companies and former directors and former directors of Weinstein Co. They also argue that the plan includes a provision that unfairly prevents those who report misconduct Non-consensual sexual appeal to lawsuits.

The bankruptcy plan provides for the delivery of 35 million dollars to creditors. The amount is $ 11.5 million less than the previous plan, scrapped after a federal judge in New York refused to approve the proposed $ 19 million settlement between Weinstein and some of his accusers. Settling that class action lawsuit was a crucial component in the preliminary bankruptcy plan.

About half of the approved settlement, about $ 17 million, goes to a single fund to address sexual misconduct claims, less than the 25.7 million allocated to three different categories of sexual misconduct claims included in the plan above.