Judge orders files to be archived and “hidden sanctions” nullified

07/01/2021 at 7:46 PM CEST


The Mercantile Court number 17 of Madrid has ordered UEFA to archive the disciplinary proceedings opened, on the occasion of the Superliga project, against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus and to nullify the “disguised sanctions” against the other nine clubs who quit the project.

In a car dated Thursday, the judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara requires UEFA to annul the records of the three clubs that have not dissociated themselves from the Super League and to refrain from excluding the founding teams from their competitions, confirmed ..

The judge alludes to the measures and commitments imposed by UEFA on several clubs – the nine that resigned from the project – and orders UEFA to annul “the disguised sanction consisting of a 5% reduction in income and contribution to the Solidarity Fund with 15 million euros “.

Also “the obligation imposed to proceed to dissolve the European Super League and to terminate the legal proceedings initiated by it” and “the penalty of 100 million euros in case of non-compliance with the commitments of the agreement and, in particular, if they intend to participate in the European Football Super League “.

The order, against which there is an appeal for reconsideration within five days before the court itself, dictates that UEFA instruct the English Premier League to annul, nullify and archive “the actions taken that contravene the precautionary measures issued by the court against sanctions, including those announced on June 9 against the six English teams.

The judge pronounces in the same sense with respect to the Italian Federation before the possible adoption of sanctions.

According to the judge, the proceedings initiated by UEFA against Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona suppose “a flagrant breach” of the injunction order issued on April 20 and the announcement of the suspension “in no way alleviates said breach.”

The order also considers non-compliance the “sanctions concealed under a mere euphemism consisting of the term agreement” with nine of the twelve clubs involved, which presented a ‘Declaration of Club Commitment’ to UEFA, together with the agreed donations.

These measures affect Arsenal, Milan, Chelsea, Atlético de Madrid, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Following the complaint filed by the Superliga clubs, the Madrid Commercial Court number 17 issued precautionary measures that prevented the adoption of sanctions against them by UEFA and FIFA during the procedure, while raising a query on possible abuse of dominant position of both to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

After that, and the resignation of the project of the nine aforementioned clubs, UEFA announced the opening of a disciplinary procedure to the three that are continuing, although last month it communicated the temporary suspension of them by decision of its Appeal Committee, an independent body .

“UEFA understands why it was necessary to suspend disciplinary proceedings for the time being, but remains confident and will continue to defend its position in all relevant jurisdictions,” he said on June 9.

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