Judge links two involved in the Master Scam to the process, who are they?


A judge linked two people involved in the so-called Master Scam to the process for their probable responsibility in the crime of improper use of attributions and powers.

The Control Judge attached to the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Mexico City, based in the East Prison, linked Juan Manuel López Arrollo, in his capacity as former head of the Planning and International Relations Unit (UPRI), of the then Secretary of Social Development (SEDESOL) and Noé Molina, an official of a University in the State of Mexico.

López Arrollo, improperly contracted services with public economic resources and requested the improper granting of authorizations of economic content.

Molina Rusiles for being part of that improper hiring of services; causing with their actions a detriment to the Federal Public Finance for more than 319 million pesos, since the State did not obtain the best conditions in hiring the service under investigation, contravening the principles of economy, effectiveness, efficiency, impartiality, honesty and transparency established in article 134 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, since the Technological University of Nezahualcóyotl subcontracted 98% of the amount received and also the service was not provided.

The judge imposed as precautionary measures to those linked to the process, the prohibition to leave the country without authorization and the periodic monthly presentation. It also set four months as a period of complementary investigation.

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