Judge assures that PDV USA lawsuit against congressman, David Riera can continue

Judge denies Interamerican Consulting, Inc.’s motion to dismiss PDV USA, Inc.’s lawsuit that claims more than $ 15 million in damages.

Miami World – Alberto News

PDV Holding, Inc. announced Thursday that United States District Court Judge John G. Koeltl denied the motion filed by Interamerican Consulting, Inc. (Interamerican) to dismiss the claim that PDV USA, Inc. (PDV USA) ) filed against him for the breach of a consulting contract and other faults.

In 2017, when PDV USA was still under the control of directors appointed by the Nicolás Maduro regime, it signed a consulting contract for $ 50 million, for 3 months, which included lobbying and reputation management services, with Interamerican, the company owned and controlled by former US Congressman David Rivera. In May 2020, PDV USA sued Interamerican, alleging claims for breach of contract, compensation, illicit enrichment and reparatory declaration.

On December 18, 2020, Interamerican filed a motion to dismiss the case due to lack of jurisdiction in the matter and lack of valid claims, as well as a motion that seeks to eliminate the accusations in the complaint.

On June 23, 2021, the court denied Inter-American motions, deeming them “unfounded.”

PDV USA will continue with the trial and will begin the stage of promotion of evidence.

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