Jude Law holds her newborn baby on the streets of London

Jude Law does not mind taking care of her newborn baby, at first glance she is full of happiness.

Although in some of his roles he plays cold, calculating and seductive characters, in real life Jude Law is a warm and sensitive father.

Only in September, days after the birth of his sixth child, this time with the psychologist Phillipa Coan, Law confessed to crying over everything.

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It was during an interview with “The Guardian” in which he was sincere and admitted that fatherhood touched him and motivates him to fight for his children.

Although he already has extensive experience as the father of five children, Law says he has a better time than ever with his current wife.

Her previous approaches to parenthood have given her the confidence to carry her newborn in a carrier without fear.

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This is how the streets of Highgate in north London witnessed the actor’s walk with his baby and a friend.

During the tour, the actor was happy and careful with his baby, to whom he made gestures to constantly entertain him.

Although the exact date of birth of his descendant has not been revealed, it is known that the baby came into the world during these months of confinement.

What is certain is that the actor feels better than ever, and he has claimed to be very lucky to be with someone with whom he is madly in love.