Juanjo, Risto Mejide’s Golden Pass after playing “Nessun dorma” with a curious Japanese instrument

On Friday, January 15, Telecinco premiered the sixth edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’, again with Santi Millán, just like Risto Mejide, Edurne and Dani Martínez repeated as members of the format jury. A debut in which the judges were surprised by a Juanjo Montserrat, a contestant from Palma de Mallorca who performed the famous aria « Nessun dorma », although not with his voice, as many expected, but with a strange Japanese instrument called otamatone.

Risto Mejide congratulates Juanjo after awarding him the Golden Pass in ‘Got Talent 6’

After officially appearing on stage, the contestant lowered the microphone to navel height, something that made many of those present think that he was going to perform his performance with his belly, before he caught his instrument, shaped like a musical note and a small mouth at the bottom, from which the sound came out as the song progressed, somewhat sharp and similar to a person’s cry. A performance with which the contestant managed to get the odd laughespecially from Dani and Edurne, while Mejide looked rather embarrassed.

« What a bum, this looked like ‘Pretty Woman’, » Millán joked, pretending to be excited before going on stage to deliver a box of tissues to the jury, who were very intrigued by the contestant’s artifact. « This is a Japanese instrument called otamatone, which I bought myself when I was on tour in Tokyo », explained Juanjo, « professional musician », who described the contraption as « a bizarre mix between a violin, a ceremine, a human voice » before explaining how it works. « I want one », confessed Edurne, who had the opportunity to try it on stage, enthusiastic. « It seems easy, but it is not, » acknowledged the artist, after which Risto ended up also encouraging himself to play the instrument when his partner assured that « it will change your life. »

« I had never seen it »

« I am overcome. I thought I had seen it all, » acknowledged Mejide, to which Martinez pointed out to the contestant that « be careful, because this is the typical phrase that precedes a Gold Button. » A few words that ended up being fulfilled when, unexpectedly, Risto awarded the prized Golden Pass to the contestant before returning to take his place among the jury. « We have been with you in the program for four years. I am convinced that you have done this thoroughly, » said Millán, after inviting the judge to meet with Juanjo again on stage. « You are a professional musician, you have come with an instrument that I had never seen before and you have tuned something very difficult, » praised Mejide, who stressed that « I had never seen it and I do not say that in every edition. » « Congratulations, Juanjo », declared the judge.