Juanfe Gómez, to win the title of the European Union or against Salvi Jiménez

The Super Featherweight Champion of Spain, Juan Felix Gomez (10-0, 2 KO), will contest the European Union title on September 11. It will be in Sequals, a town near Venice (Italy), and against the Italian champion Nicola Henchiri (10-4-2, 0 KO), 31 years old.

Eric Donovan, official candidate, has left his post and the EBU, in this circumstance, will allow a voluntary defense to the transalpine, who has reached an agreement to carry it out with the Spaniard.

Nicola Henchiri he was proclaimed champion in May by defeating his compatriot Mario Alfano by points with a unanimous decision, although in a close fight (116-112, 115-113, 115-113).

Juanfe Gómez, current Spanish super featherweight champion, has given up on a voluntary defense of his title to contest that of the European Union. Therefore, the Valladolid Salvi jimenez, official candidate, will be the next rival of Juanfe Gómez, in the event that he fails to defeat the Italian. Gómez would then keep his national title, which he would have to renounce however in case of victory.

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