Juan Castaño Quirós, better known by ‘Juanele’, is entered in the Cabueñes Hospital after having suffered an intoxication crisis. The former player is being treated last Wednesday night in the Intensive Care Unit.

Juanele you have bipolar disorder In recent times it has overcome several crises and had approached the world of soccer. In fact, next Saturday I was going to participate in El Molinón Tour, specifically in the Espacio Quini, on a guided tour together with former sportinguistas Cundi and Redondo.

The 49-year-old former footballer has played for Sporting de Gijón, in Zaragoza, where he proclaimed himself champion of the Cup, Tenerife and Terrasa. Also, He was an absolute international with the Spanish team and was part of the national team in the United States World Cup in 1994.