Juana Viale gave details about the return of Mirtha Legrand to television

Juana Viale gave details about Mirtha’s return to the program (Video: “Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand” – El Trece)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic exploded in March, Mirtha Legrand he stopped conducting his usual television programs, a classic that has been going on for more than half a century. As had happened on other occasions, the first of them in July 2014, was his granddaughter Joan Viale the one that occupied the most famous head of Argentine television. What was thought of as a circumstantial replacement, ended up spreading and the return of the Chiqui it became a great unknown.

This afternoon, Juana gave a new clue about the possible return of her grandmother. It was a program dominated by music, with the brothers Lucia and Joaquín Galán, members of the duo Burnet, singer Patricia Sosa and her husband, the musician Oscar Mediavilla, current jury of the Singing 2020. And it was in this relaxed context that the actress made an unexpected announcement.

Time stopped, so before 2021, the end of 2020, we are going to propose to Mrs. Mirtha Legrand that she return to her table “Juana said, as applause from diners flooded the studio. “We cannot dismiss the year from Mirtha’s table, without Mirtha “added the alternate driver.

It was there that Joaquín Galán interrupted her to acknowledge the task he has been carrying out for the last eight months. “I want to ask for applause for you, because it has been tremendous”, said the singer, while his sister subscribed. “What is inherited is not stolen”, Mediavilla closed, and everyone nodded.

It is not the first time that Juana refers to the situation. During a program aired on July 20, Pepe Cibrián, one of the guests reflected on the isolation and wanted to know if the show had ever been suspended or performed by Zoom. Juana replied that they had always done it in person, respecting the corresponding protocol and with a reduction in the number of guests to maintain social distance. And I add: “The only one who did not stay was the host of the program.”

Juana Viale’s request to Mirtha Legrand: “I want to act again” (Video: El Trece)

The theater director celebrated that the program continued to air, but the host clarified that it was temporary and that she wanted the moment that her grandmother could reintegrate. “Thank you, but I’m also waiting for a time to come and take your place and let me do my thing. I want to act again “.

Sunday, March 15, was the last broadcast of Mirtha in the driving, when the threat of the virus was already a reality and a few days before the president Alberto Fernandez decreed the first compulsory social isolation. Back then, the production company announced that Mirtha I wasn’t going to be on the show anymore.

On March 21, Juana took over the program without knowing how long it would last. At that time, He stressed that he was not “replacing anyone”, but was “making a modest contribution to this situation that has everyone in suspense due to the so small and so great coronavirus”. In that sense, he explained: “My grandmother, the much loved Mirtha Legrand, is not going to do her program because she is old enough to be in the high-risk group and has a great feeling of responsibility. So, being ‘the granddaughter of’, I say it with great pride, I decided to help with this cause, which is to communicate ”.


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