Juan Soler reveals why he does not want to rebuild his love life

Juan Soler and Maky announced their separation at the end of November 2018, an agreement they both reached, always putting the family they built first, according to the actors through a statement published on their respective social networks.

Maki and Juan Soler

Juan Soler revealed that he is also starting a new relationship. (Instagram / Maki Soler)

Although now the Argentines are good friends, at every opportunity they have expressed the love and respect they have for each other. “Look at me with Maky, she’s extraordinary, I love her very much and we have a great relationship. We went through the pandemic together, not mixed up, together, which are two different things, but I have a great relationship with her and no, I wouldn’t go back with her either, “said the actor last September on the Hoy program.

The interpreter assured that he and his former partner have strengthened their family ties, because they know that they must stay together as parents of Mine and blue. “She seems to me to be a great person, a great human being to continue to preserve her image and my relationship with her. Today we are beginning to take the first steps of a great and endearing friendship that will last a lifetime, ”he said then.

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