For many lovers of this sport, they are a tennis treasure. This is how the pair formed by Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah, two veteran representatives of classic tennis, who stand out as luxury exponents of it in a globalized world that no longer has a place for romanticism. Cabal and Farah get on the net, print impossible effects on the ball and move with tremendous elegance on the court. Their mutual understanding is quite remarkable, as evidenced by the two Grand Slam titles achieved together, to which they intend to add feats in team competitions, this same edition reaching the classification of Colombia for the final phase of the Davis Cup that will will play again in Madrid, in case the situation due to the coronavirus has ended and all tennis has returned to normal.

The current number two in the world still remembers how badly he suffered several years ago when a severe knee injury almost prevented him from continuing to play tennis: “I see the scar almost every day and I remember the hardest moments that I lived, which They have taught me several things. Fifteen years ago I could not imagine in life being in the position where I am, having been number one in the world and having conquered many Grand Slams, “said the words collected by the official website of the ATP.

Juan Sebastián Cabal still remembers the ordeal he had to live: “At those moments all I thought was that I would recover from that knee injury and not end my life with a cane. Thank God I recovered and two years later I was able to be again on the fields giving 100% of me. It was five months on crutches and another three with a cane. At eight months I was able to walk slowly again and a year later I had to undergo surgery again because I suffered from discomfort in the same damaged area. It was a tough ordeal, to be honest, but I am proud to have passed that stage and could still be linked to tennis. “

To end, the Colombian spoke of the great results he has reaped throughout this year, adding many titles and becoming number one in the world, being for many with Robert Farah the best dubbers of the moment: “We have done things very well in recent years. Every day, Farah and I train very hard to continue adding many more titles. Hopefully we can continue at this level for many more years and we can give very good results to Colombian tennis “, Cabal concluded that in his last tournament doubles was runner-up in the Acapulco tournament.