Juan Rivera threatens his brother Lupillo Rivera to tell everything if he does not stop speaking ill of him

Through a “Live” Juan Rivera made it clear that He has always had a bad relationship with his brother Lupillo Rivera. It has improved at times and then they have some problem again. So this time, in addition to counting two points for which Juan says he is very hurt with Lupillo, He also took advantage of threatening him and telling him that if he does not speak ill of him, he will tell everything. Referring to things that fans of the Rivera family do not imagine has happened.

The Riveras have several fronts raised at the moment. On the one hand, there is the audit that Jenni Rivera’s children asked their mother’s company to do. This caused Rosie Rivera to resign from being the executor of the misma Chiquis Rivera has a new relationship and that has generated friction with her former Lorenzo Méndez and now, Juan Rivera dawns his brother Lupillo Rivera for allegedly the latter is speaking ill of him and call him a thief.

The truth is that the tension has grown and Juan Rivera has made several “Live” to talk about the last wishes of his sister Jenni regarding money. Also to explain how he has made his fortune and now to talk about his bad relationship he has with Lupillo Rivera, which ended in a threat or warning, depending on which side you look at.

“This is not going to happen anymore … I am not going to let this happen to me again … So … I warn you carnally, get ready, I warn you and start talking sinks and everything comes out, everything comes out bro… Greetings .. God bless you ”, were Juan’s words to Lupillo. He also made it clear: “This is not at all to cause them harm but to put a stop to them.”

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Lupillo responded through a video without mentioning names and in a short way: “… There are people who just have to ignore, forgive and forget them”, were part of the words of the also singer. Total that this problem itches and spreads among the Rivera.

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