Juan Osorio went to a specialist to deal with Emilio Osorio’s confession: I am gay | Reform

Producer Juan Osorio was a guest on the MonJoe program where he opened his heart to make revelations about his son Emilio, a product of his relationship with Niurka Marcos.

According to the producer, he knew that his son was gay because « he was very polite”, So she decided to face him and question him about his s3xu @ les preferences.

When asked, her son Emilio, who was part of the Aristemo, did not beat around the bush and told her that he was indeed gay.

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Dad, how good that we are going to talk about it. Yes I am going to tell you the truth, yes I am gay, shared the producer that Niurka’s son told him.

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After the confession, Juan decided to go to a psychologist to help him lead with the possible h0m0s3xuality of his son.

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I went to see a psychologist who was my cousin and I said ‘let’s see, tell me, gü3y how do I have to approach him? I don’t want him to reject me as a dad.

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Juan Osorio added that his suspicions began because Emilio was very « educated » and from an early age he had the ability to dance, from the age of 11 he was convinced that he was gay.