This Monday Juan “N”, a former PRI deputy and the main person involved in the acid attack on saxophonist María Elena Ríos Ortiz, was detained on September 9, 2019.

At the time, in the month of October, Juan “N” publicly deviated from the fact. He accepted that he knew María Elena, but that he had nothing to do with his attack.

“María Elena Ríos worked with me and we have a friendship, but that does not imply anything. If you have a healthy lifestyle, that’s how it goes, but if you have an unusual lifestyle, you will have problems. That the Prosecutor’s Office investigate and that they capture the person who did the heinous act, ”said the former politician in his version on a local radio program 88.5 FM.

However, last January a federal judge removed the provisional suspension that had been granted to Vera Carrizal, the former PRI deputy accused of being the intellectual author of acid attack on the saxophonist and ordered enforce the arrest warrant against him.

In the resolution of the Fourth District Court based in Oaxaca it was pointed out that the accused did not comply with the requirements that the District judge ordered and that they were: pay 3,500 pesos as bail Y appear before the judge who issued the arrest warrant in Huajuapan de León. Therefore, the provisional suspension ceased to take effect and remained a fugitive from justice.

With this ruling, the former deputy of the PRI will have to face her process in prison, because the crime committed against María Elena Ríos was classified as attempted feminicide and, because it is a serious crime, not released on bail.

Through his Twitter account, the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, reported on the arrest of the PRI and assured that he will face justice for the “terrible” attack.

“We have arrested Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal who will face justice for the terrible act of violence committed against María Elena Ríos, a young Oaxaca saxophonist. Later, @FISCALIA_GobOax and @SSP_GobOax will give more data ”Murat wrote on his social networks.

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