Juan Martin del Potro start picking up the competitive pace in this tough quarantine. The Tandilense player exercises as part of his recovery at home while waiting for a possible return to the circuit, even without news of a return in August. It is rarely lavished by the media, but Delpo went through the microphones of ESPN FC and left several more than interesting statements, making a curious review of some moments that have marked his professional career for better or worse.

One of them is, without a doubt, the emotional bond that unites him with his maternal grandfather, Francisco Lucas, who died in 2017 while the man from Tandilense was playing in the Estoril tournament. Luckily, before his death Juan Martín was able to give him one of his greatest gifts: the Davis Cup, won in Zagreb in 2016. “After the silver medal at the Rio Games, he told me,” this is the year to win the Davis. Juancito, you have to win itListen to me. “After winning the semifinal, before playing the final I was able to visit him. We won and I brought the Cup. He wouldn’t let it go. We had a barbecue with our family, we sat down and my grandfather, instead of putting a glass on it , we put the glass there.

Grandpa didn’t want to drop the Cup, we were all very excited. He was already in a bit of bad health, and he told me: “Juancito, now I am happy. I can go in peace now “. For me that was the best thing in the world, what he had told me. Within a few months he passed away. I felt fulfilled for having returned so much love that he gave me as a boy, he saw everything that his grandson achieved, I think that beyond tennis that was one of my greatest achievements, “confessed an excited Juan Martín.

Within his rivalries on the circuit, for the Tandil player it is impossible to forget the matches played before Roger Federer. Against him, one of the most special memories of his career: the title in Flushing Meadows, 2009. “With 5-2 and match point, I looked up, there was a lot of noise and a lot of people screaming and I saw the Championship Point del Potro. My hands automatically trembled and my legs loosened, I thought that the same could not happen to me than at Roland Garros. “

That duel in the Philippe Chatrier, of course, had a quite different result. He also went until the fifth set, both tennis players fought it tooth and nail, but the result was favorable to the Swiss. “Federer and I we knew that whoever won that game was champion, because on the other side Söderling was the finalist. I had my chance, but I missed it because of my mistakes. I left the court feeling like a loser, thinking that I had to dedicate myself to another sport. I was not proud of having reached the semifinal, I felt that this was my first opportunity to win a Grand Slam and that I had let it pass. That game hit me, it hurt a lot. “

Among the other things that del Potro revealed, it is curious to hear how he has kept his circuit companions: Federer as ‘Roger’, simply, Djokovic by his initials ‘ND’ and Monfils as ‘Panther’. However, he does not keep Nadal.

Delpo also had words about Nick Kyrgios. The Argentine was quite blunt in his opinion of the Canberra tennis player: “Personally, I don’t like it, it doesn’t look good, I think it exceeds the limits of respect for the rival and for the spectators. There are times when in the dressing room it’s very nice, the kid is quite funny. Federer in the beginning also broke rackets, mind you, but he evolved to be one of the greatest examples on and off the court. The environment is important and to have your feet on the ground, to have people who tell you that you’re wrong, not everyone has that. ”

In addition, del Potro confessed a small goal that motivates him to return to the courts and that he wants to fulfill before retiring: “My parents have always done their best so that I can play, but I still had to convince them to come to a tournament to see me play. they saw in the Davis Cup, but it’s something that doesn’t leave me alone. I feel like I have to go back to play, go with my dad and my mom, and tell him when he sees Federer: “Roger, say hi to my old man. “ It’s something that motivates me. ”