Juan Gabriel and the secrets that he took to the grave | .

Since the Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel passed away, some of its secrets However, it does not mean that some have not been taken to the grave, in fact there are five.

The interpreter of « I still love you » He left a great void in the hearts of his fans who still remember him with great admiration and affection.

These secrets were present throughout his private life during years, various things were speculated about him, which to this day continues to be discussed.

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Although his fans always wondered how he did not talk about his private life if they asked him continuously and like many artists he preferred to keep secret.

It is not uncommon for a celebrity to prefer to keep some secrets hidden and even take them to the grave, which is what happened with the singer-songwriter.

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One of the secrets he never shared was the name of the mother of his oldest son, and although it is publicly known that Laura Salas the best friend of Juan Gabriel She is the mother of his four brothers. He never knew the name of his mother.

Alberto Aguilera, his eldest son, does not know his mother’s name, he commented in an interview, despite the estrangement from his father.In the end, it was something he apparently would never find out.

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« My brothers do not know who their mother is either. The youngest of all must know, but the others do not, » said Alberto Aguilera II.

« They say that what you see does not ask » It was one of the iconic phrases of the Divo de Juárez and although it was practically obvious that he was gay, Juan Gabriel never admitted it publicly.

It was also rumored that he was in love with a woman whose identity is not known, this he also commented in an interview Queta Jiménez, better known as « La Prieta Linda », also affirmed that when he could not have a romantic relationship with said woman, he stopped trying in general with any woman and began trying men.

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Another secret that the interpreter of « What a need » is that his financial life as several portals said was that he was very bad due to the mismanagement of it, these media (TV Notas and Suelta la Sopa) assured that Juan Gabriel he had big debts for the property.

The last secret that Juan Gabriel took the fact of having been imprisoned because of Claudia Salas, even if she claimed who had never sent anyone to jail, Carmen Salimas affirmed that yes, but that is another secret that will not be known thanks Juan Gabriel.

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