Juan de Dios Pantoja was tested to see if he is infected with the virus | Instagram

The singer and Youtuber Juan de Dios Pantoja shared a video on his Instagram stories where he appears taking the test to see if he is infected with the virus he caused the pandemic.

Even though the interpreter of « Tactic » has taken the appropriate health security measures to avoid contagion by coronavirus at all costs, had to carry out a test to rule out contagion.

The short video that will be automatically deleted after the 24 hours After publishing it, Juan de Dios appears and a person who wears a glove and brings a swab (cotton swab).

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The size of this object it’s quite longIt is not like the one we usually know and that we use to clean our ears.

To do the study, you must first sample The person, using this swab, is introduced into each of the nostrils to take part of the natural secretions and thus send it to a laboratory to analyze it.

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Apparently John of God He was with some of his friends as you can hear some laughter and jokes among those present.

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From what is appreciated Juan de Dios does not look sick, and he does not look down, maybe it is just to make sure that his health is in perfect condition, his fans will have to wait a few days to know the result of his exam, in case he wants to share it with his followers who are probably very attentive to your future publications in relation to this happy video.

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Since the quarantine began, Juan de Dios has been very insistent with his followers that they take care of themselves, advising what the authorities have already commented.

How he continues working in his songs and others, he has not been able to avoid not having contact with his production team, fortunately he has been careful, hopefully the test is negative.

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