Juan de Dios Pantoja offends Kimberly Loaiza and everything is recorded | Instagram

Juan de Dios Pantoja called Kimberly Loaiza “Est $ p! Da”; However, everyone laughed at the fact as it was part of a fun video for Tiktok.

The Jukilop have been quite active in the application, taking advantage of these days of quarantine for the Coronavirus and taking the opportunity to share content on their different social networks.

In the video in question, Kimberly Loaiza repeatedly repeats to Kima to say ‘Mom,’ she was allegedly pretending to be her first word.

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But apparently, this ruins the plans of Juan de Dios Pantoja, who ends up calling her Est4p! Da! and snatch the baby away.

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Est $ p! Da not going to ruin my plans !, says the youtuber.

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Kimberly and Juan de Dios are having a lot of fun with their Tiktok, The couple has shared on Instagram that their absence on that social network has been due to the fact that they are creating content on Tiktok and thus invite their followers to stay home in the face of the current Coronavirus pandemic.