Juan de Dios Pantoja ends In perfect condition!

Juan de Dios Pantoja ends In perfect condition! (Instagram)

Juan de Dios Pantoja ends In perfect condition! | Instagram

The youtuber, singer and businessman Juan de Dios Pantoja husband of Kimberly Loaiza shared on his Instagram account through his stories the state of health in which he was, fortunately everything is fine, so his fans can be more calm.

Recently the name of social networks is Juan de Dios Pantoja He returned to be in trend especially on Twitter after he defended the honor of his family and “gave what he deserved” to a guy who was talking about more according to his words, as a result he ended up with two broken bones.

His name quickly became a trend due to his acting against a person who was claiming he would go for Kimberly loaiza and his waist through his social networks, which of course Juan de Dios did not think so he decided to act and not only for his wife but also for defending a cousin and other women who were mentioned.

In his stories he shared some scenes of what happened, ending in two broken bones for him, he immediately went to the hospital to be checked and when he realized that he had said injury he had to stay in the hospital to be treated quickly, because they had to put him nails on your wrist.

On January 25th, through their stories, which were quite a few, Juan de Dios Pantoja He expressed his feelings about the situation, warning that he would not let anyone speak badly or abuse his family, it is said that it was two tiktok bullies that he confronted, short videos about what happened are circulating on the Internet.

There are those who claim that their videos are manipulated and all “a theater” because in one of the videos it is seen how he uses his right arm to hit the guy, however the injured hand is the left so they do not find congruence with what that is being shared on social networks.

However, it should be clarified that the video that is circulating is only a part so surely others will appear later, perhaps at the exact moment in which he was injured, however it is not something likely due to the limitations that are being made in some social networks in regarding the content that is shared.

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Many people applaud the action you took Juan de Dios Pantoja Given the situation, especially due to the recent trends that have been appearing, especially in the case of Nath Campos, however, and as it is a custom, others believe that the interpreter of “Táctica” is also part of the abusers, since in his At that time he made his mistakes against Kenia Os, which the youtuber has admitted on several occasions, however he also mentions that it is a thing of the past and he regrets all the moments in which he was wrong.

The news he shared about his operation is that everything went quite well, he also mentioned that he was awake throughout the operation but that after leaving it he fell asleep, desperate to see his family, he mentioned that if he had known that he would have to stay at the hospital, he would have first come home to see his family and then go to the hospital.

Fortunately, the latest news he shared indicates that he is already at home with his family, his appearance is a bit tired, perhaps because of the bad night he had to go through, the possible pain he had and more.

It’s known that Juan de Dios Pantoja She will have to stay a few weeks with the nails in her wrist and later do therapy, hopefully everything goes well for the social media star.

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