Juan de Dios Pantoja boasts a mural of his family made in his house | Instagram

He singer and youtuber Juan de Dios Pantoja shared several videos where he presumes a mural they made at his home.

This work of art is a painting on one of the walls of his house where his small and beloved family appears.

When you see the mural you can see the three members of his family, they are in outer space in astronaut costumes.

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Juan de Dios explains that this work of art has great meaning and that it is not made just because it begins by explaining that he appears with a guitar which is the one with which he made a song to the Greater Cuteness, from the guitar some notes come out that approaches Kimberly and become Quetzalcoatl.

So much Kimberly, Kima like Juan de Dios they wear space suits but with a very Mexican but pre-Hispanic style, their suits show their respective logos.

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In the background you can see the natural lighthouse that is in Mazatlan Sinaloa which is where Kima Sofia was born.

Excited by his mural John of God He shared it with his followers who surely were delighted as well as the one to see that work of art.

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Finished mural | Instagram

Pantoja adores his family as well as his fans, so he does everything possible to include his two women and the loves of his life in each of the projects he carries out, his music and even his videos, for him there is no one more important than Kima and Kimberly.

So much is the love he feels for his little daughter that who despite not being one year old already has several suitors, something that could be seen in one of the videos of Tik tok where a boy when watching a video of Kima presumed to be his girlfriend and even kissed the screen Kimberly took it as any grace but Juan de Dios became a little serious and jealous.

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