Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza present mini JD

Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza present mini JD | Instagram

Mini JD is already a celebrity! The youngest of the JUKILOPs is already on the lips of many and his presentation on social networks is quite a feat. Kimberly Loaiza, Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kima Sofia They know how special this new member of the family is and they decided to introduce him to his followers with a fun video.

In the video in question, the musical artist appears Kim loaiza still pregnant in a sports outfit and with her abdomen uncovered with a load symbol drawn on it … already at 99% !; In the background of the influencer you can see her partner JD Pantoja and her little prom-born Kima anxiously waiting for her. You can see how The Biggest Cuteness he sits up with his family and closes the door.

‘When the door opens, something very special happened, but it seems that Kim, Juan and Kima are not so well. The family simulated a huge roar that meant the departure of mini JD from Kim’s belly and now, although her family looks tired and somewhat dirty, Kimberly Loaiza shows the little one in profile in her arms.

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This is the video that the JUKILOP and in which Juan de Dios Pantoja had shared some images pointing out that he and Kimberly had been run over. Now it is known that the characterization was for this beautiful recording that fascinated both the Linduras and the Pantojitas.

The video was shared 11 hours ago on Kimberly Loaiza’s official Instagram account and has already exceeded 800,000 reactions on the famous social network. Along with the video, the singer also wrote “Nuestro JUANITO ❤️”.

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The YouTube star received many comments in which his followers, including Alejandro Sanz, shared how much they liked this video and the fun way to introduce his son. Even so, the cravings grow since the full face of the child cannot be seen in the video.

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Before sharing this video on Instagram, Kimberly loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja shared a video about the birth of their first boy on the YouTube channel of the interpreter of Me Perdiste. Despite the happiness that this family has shared, what does not stop are the rumors that have spoken that the beautiful could be upset with her family for supposedly sharing the face of mini JD in networks or that the relationship between Kim and Juan is not it is not going well.