Los Angeles Lakers have officially signed JR Smith for the remainder of the season. Smith and the Californians have been discussing the terms of the contract since Bradley confirmed that he would not play in Orlando and it has been made official today.

The champion of a ring in 2016 is 34 years old and has not played since 2018. He has spent 15 seasons since he was selected by New Orleans in 2004. In addition to being the NBA champion along with LeBron James, he was designated as the sixth best man in 2013, when he was a Knicks player.

Smith teams up with LeBron to try to return the ring to the Angelina franchise.

Teams JR Smith has played for

New Orleans Hornets (2004-06)
Denver Nuggets (2006-11)
Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Bulls (2011)
New York Knicks (2012-15)
Cleveland Cavaliers (2015-19)
Los Angeles Lakers (current)