JPL astronomers publish the first color images of Mars sent by Perseverance

Among the captures is one as the rover descends towards the surface of the red planet.

The arrival of Perseverance to Mars It was a great success and the research work begins immediately. Less than 24 hours after your landing, the first color images were published. In the photographs you can see two things with the naked eye: the wide terrain of the red planet and that it is daytime.

In total there were three published photographs that the POT identified in a social media post. They describe that one of the photos is high resolution and one that was taken in full descent is surprising. That is, the capture was made from a device installed in the parachute.

In addition, they also boast of capturing in images one of the six wheels that the rover. They are used for the fluid transit of the vehicle on the surface of Mars. Similarly, it is noted that at the time of capture, the part where the device was, was receiving sunlight.

Images of Mars taken by Perseverance

The communication channels of the spacecraft on Mars, with its base on Earth, are not that complicated. However, it is something that takes work. First, the scientists explained that any message takes around 14-15 minutes to arrive. Therefore, color or high definition images are larger files and take a little longer.