Joy Huerta celebrates her little daughter’s first birthday on social media | Instagram Special

The famous singer Joy Huerta He published through his social networks a moving message for his little daughter Noah, who is celebrating her first year of life next to his beautiful family. As it was expected, Users in social networks did not take long to react, before the special occasion.

It seems that the love that Joy Huerta transmits with his wife Diana Atri towards his little daughter Noah, has become one of the most special and exemplary families for followers on social networks. Making the publication I had many comments of congratulations to the little girl and her mothers.

“You have given us 12 months of pure and full love, teaching and learning, of laughter and amazement. 12 months of seeing and touching all our love outside our bodies. 12 months of each day ask God, the universe and life that you are ALWAYS in good health, that what could come upon you and harm you never touch you and be able to be your shield against all evil and pain. ”

As we well know, the famous duet singer Jesse and Joy She has been a very reserved woman with her personal life, until recently she disclosed on social media that she was married to Diana Atri, showing some moments of his intimacy with family from home.

“Watching you grow is the best gift that life has given us; and be your mom It is the highest, greatest and most powerful recognition I will ever have. We love you more than words can ever explain, little beautiful girl. ” Wrote Joy Huerta on his Instagram account.

In addition to taking the time to thank Chef Monini and Julie Junk for bringing her first cakes to little Noah on her first birthday in her quarantine and at home with her family, also highlighting that everything was under proper care and sanitary measures.

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