Normality is returning, little by little, to daily life. Also in relation to leisure and culture, one of the sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The performance of the play « Mariana Pineda », by Federico García Lorca, was the first in which the mezzanine of the main Gijon theater was opened to the public, which allowed the capacity of the installation to be considerably expanded, which until now only welcomed the public in the stalls, to comply with the health prevention measures set by the institutions. If only a hundred people could sit in the stalls, adding the mezzanine were around 170 spectators who yesterday enjoyed the work directed by the Basque Javier Hernández-Simón.

A grateful public appreciated the representation that was seen on the tables of the Gijon coliseum, led by the Catalan actress Laia Marull, winner of three Goya awards for her performances in the films « Fugitivas », « Pa negre » and « Te give mis ojos « , with which he also won the Silver Shell at the San Sebastián International Festival.

His representation of the character created by García Lorca dazzled the public yesterday. Not in vain, Mariana Pineda does not leave anyone indifferent. She is a strong, tough, intense woman, who does not hesitate to fight against the elements to stay true to her most upright principles. And he does it, in addition, without any type of double intention, only being faithful to his instincts, so marked that they are the compass that writes his destiny. Marull was accompanied on stage by Aurora Herrero, Marta Gómez or Álex Gadea.