journalists to the psychiatrist, criticism of the Court and new impetus for judicial reform

President Alberto Fernandez he referred this Thursday to « a crazy journalism that needs therapists to get rid of hate « , in an extensive interview in which fired strong against the Justice and the Supreme Court and he pledged to redouble the momentum for judicial reform in 2021, even though it may be a matter of bitter debate in the middle of an election year.

Interviewed by radio 10, they asked him if there was still a « war journalism », referring to the criticism of the press towards the Government. And Alberto answered: « There is a journalism that responds to interests. There is a journalism that needs to rethink that all it does is cause discouragement towards Argentine society for the hatred they have towards Cristina, towards Peronism or towards me, and they say things that really don’t make sense. « 

As an example, the head of state mentioned the moment in which they sent the bill on retirement mobility in which « the senators and not Cristina, » he assured, raised the complications that the debate on whether the increase of the 5 % that had already been given to retirees was included in the increase planned for March.

« The senators, not Cristina, call me and say ‘Alberto, we are going to enter into the discussion if the 5% increase you gave in December is computed for March’; and when I reviewed it I came to the conclusion that what we owed What to do was that the regime began to run from January 1, which is what was approved in the Senate. After that the next day I read in the news ‘Alberto gave in to Cristina for retirement mobility’, and one does not understand  » , he questioned.

« Journalists who work with this vocation to divide, to separate, to wreck Argentina need to be treated by a psychiatrist, « he added.

Faced with the comments of the interviewers about the supposed work of some journalists for a certain « economic power », the president attacked them and added to these criticisms judges who, according to him, are also accomplices for pressuring the political power.

« The judges do not have the same speed to investigate Macri as Boudou, that shows the characteristics of those judges. Boudou is charged with very serious crimes against the public administration, and when the Court had to hear the case, it rejected it with a puerile argument and ended up resolving with a shameful ruling. This justice doesn’t work like that, it doesn’t do justice « , questioned.

Regarding judicial reform, the President said he was obsessed so that justice works: « Someone who loves the Republic cannot Seeing Justice work in this way is a power that democracy does not pay attention to, of course she is independent but that does not mean that she can do whatever she wants« .

« As Justice changes with political power, people do not know who to believe as in the Nisman case, which I am convinced was suicide. I made my contribution as soon as I arrived and gave the order that the AFI stop having to do with justice, now it is necessary for the rest of politics to do its part, « he concluded.