Joss Whedon would have threatened Gal Gadot to make an “incredibly stupid” Wonder Woman

Since Ray Fisher denounced that Joss Whedon’s behavior during the filming of ‘Justice League’ was “abusive”, the accusations against the director have multiplied to include almost the entire cast of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. While Jason Momoa has already sided with his partner and Gal Gadot said his experience with Whedon wasn’t “the best” either, Neither of them has specified what happened to them and now new sources have given details of the threats and attacks that the actress had to endure.

According to this anonymous person, a well-informed source, Whedon would have threatened Gadot with making Wonder Woman look incredibly stupid if she didn’t do what he ordered: “Gadot was concerned about the final version of the film and had problems with his character appearing more aggressive than the version we met in ‘Wonder Woman’. He wanted to make the character have some continuity between one film and the other. The biggest shock it came about when Whedon pressured Gadot to shoot lines he didn’t like and threatened to damage Gadot’s career and disparaged director Patty Jenkins. ” Apparently a witness from the production who later spoke to investigators says that, after a confrontation, “Joss bragged that he had made it up with Gal. He told her that he is the scriptwriter and that she had to shut up and say the lines and that he can make her look incredibly stupid in this movie. “

And fisher keep talking

The Hollywood Reporter has called Ray Fisher again to do a long interview about his experience with Whedon, to specify everything he has been exposing on his social networks. During the conversation, Fisher said he felt very uncomfortable with the fact that both the director and then-president of DC Films, Jon Berg, made him pronounce “booyah!”, Cyborg’s slogan in ‘Teen Titans’: “It seemed strange that precisely the only black character said that”; and after making his complaint Whedon mocked him. Apparently, when he got to the set, Whedon grabbed his arm and delivered a line from ‘Hamlet’ that reads: “Give the speech, I beg you, just as I recited it to you” (“Speak the speech, I pray you , as I pronounced it to you “), to which Fisher replied not being in the mood for that. After filming the scene, Whedon kept taunting him and as he left the set he yelled “Good job Ray.”