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Ray Fisher was the first to break his silence about Joss Whedon’s alleged unprofessional behavior while filming ‘Justice League’. Since then he has taken advantage of any occasion to lash out at him again and now he has contributed to a detailed article in The Hollywood Reporter about what happened in the DC movie.

The confrontation between Whedon and Gadot

Of course, one of the most striking details of it is everything that is mentioned about the friction between Whedon and Gal Gadot, which exploded when the filmmaker wanted the actress to recite some dialogues that she did not like, threatening to hurt her her career and denigrating Patty Jenkins’ work on ‘Wonder Woman’. Fisher did not want to comment on the matter, but an anonymous source who was already involved in the internal investigation conducted by Warner did:

Joss was bragging that he had had enough with Gal. He told her that he’s the screenwriter and that she was going to shut up and say her lines, and that it could make her look incredibly stupid in the movie.

And is that Gadot “had problems about his character being more aggressive than in ‘Wonder Woman’. She wanted her character to flow from one movie to another, ”her opposition to Whedon being such that she joined forces with Jenkins to bring the issue to a meeting with Kevin Tsujihara, then president of Warner. The actress herself settled what happened in it with the following comment:

I had my issues with Joss Whedon and Warner Bros handled it in a timely manner.