Joss Whedon threatened Gal Gadot’s career

The filming of Justice League in 2017 was very convulsed by Joss Whedon’s attitude towards his stars as Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman.

As we already know, Zack snyder had to stop filming League of Justice in 2017 for the death of his daughter. Then Warner Bros. put to Joss Whedon as director and changed many of the plans that were there. At first it seemed like a success, since he had been responsible for the first two films of The Avengers from Marvel studios, but the filming was hell and the result was disastrous. Since the movie cost a real outrage and only grossed 657 million dollars. A very low figure if we compare it with other superhero installments. After a great campaign by the fans, they have let Zack snyder finish your version of League of Justice and can currently be viewed at HBO Max.

Now Joss Whedon He has gone from being a revered filmmaker to being accused by a lot of stars for his abusive behavior on set. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director collided with all the actors in the film League of Justice, included Jeremy irons who has a small role as Alfred. Nevertheless, Gal gadot was extremely unhappy and ended up taking his complaints to the then president of Warner Bros. She was worried about the changes she wanted to make Joss Whedon, since his character was more aggressive than in the movie Wonder woman. Something that broke the continuity from one movie to the next.

When Joss Whedon pressured Gal gadot To film lines she disagreed with, he threatened to damage the actress’s career and belittled the Wonder Woman director, Patty jenkins. Even a source says that: “Joss Whedon bragged that he had problems with Gal Gadot. He told her that he is the writer and that she will shut up and say the lines. Since he can make her look incredibly stupid in this movie. “

Warner Bros had to put peace.

Gal gadot and Patty jenkins they took their problems to Kevin Tsujihara, and it seems that this may have helped resolve the matter. It’s a statement, Gal gadot Says, “I had my issues with Joss Whedon, but Warner Bros. handled them in a timely manner.”

After viewing the version of League of Justice 2017 and 2021, it is not very clear why Joss Whedon he wanted to introduce so much change and re-filming to tell basically the same thing. Therefore, if only the film had been finished according to the initial plans, the end result would probably have been different.