According to a ComicBook report, Josh Brolin has expressed an interest in portraying Cable in a future Marvel movie. This despite the fact that the actor also gives life to one of the villains within the UCM, Thanos, not to mention that after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, the studio now owns the rights to the X-Men characters.

It was comic creator Rob Liefeld who revealed the news: “Josh wants to be Cable again, and sooner rather than later. He wants to be Cable again. He loved being this character. He told me he understands how beloved his role is in Thanos. but he doesn’t completely resemble Josh Brolin, “said Liefeld, who added:

“These were the very words that Josh Brolin said to me: Rob, when I appeared as Cable in Deadpool 2, my phone kept ringing … It changed everything for him, obviously, Josh would at some point receive that deserved award for his career. The guy he’s just one of our best actors. “

Recall that Brolin appeared as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2David Leitch’s sequel, which again featured Ryan Reynolds as the title character. The movie topped $ 730 million worldwide in its 2018 release.