The McLaren driver also fights behind the screens and borders on victory

Frenetic track duels and strategic battles in the charity event

Carlos Sainz and Josete have been the winners of the GT Marathon, the charity event organized by Manuel Rodríguez and Óscar Ruiz with the support of and whose proceeds will go entirely to the Spanish Red Cross.

GT Marathon was born as a charity event whose proceeds will go entirely to the Spanish Red Cross. Manuel Rodríguez and Óscar Ruiz, two internationally renowned Spanish simracers, have organized the initiative with the media support of this head.

At the call of Rodríguez and Ruiz have been joined by nothing more and nothing less than real drivers of the stature of Carlos Sainz, the only Spaniard in current Formula 1. Along with him, the illustrious Lucas Ordóñez and Roldán Rodríguez. Also, several representatives of the young and brand new litter of experts in the simracing of the country, including Coque López.

All the action could be followed through the YouTube channel with the narration of Tomás Slafer and the comments of Jorge Iglesias and Santi Torres. The broadcast has been joined, among others, by Antonio Lobato, co-director of and narrator of Formula 1 on Movistar +.

Antonio has acknowledged that he has taken advantage of confinement to dedicate a little more time to simracing. You are very aware of the high level of quality in the online rooms of the Gran Turismo Sport game. He does not rule out encouraging himself to a less demanding test in the future. We wait for you.


First event: Nürburgring Circuit. 10 minutes classification and 40 minute race. GT3 category cars. Second event: Circuit de la Sarthe. 10 minutes of qualifying and 40 minute race GT2 category cars.


Pole on the German circuit was for Perpi with the Ford GT after a great lap. Second position for Lucas Ordóñez followed by Brea. Carlos Sainz, seventh with the Mercedes AMG GT3.

Departure. Carlos Sainz made a jump and climbed from seventh to second place in just two corners. Perpi defended the first place well in front.

The top group compacted in the initial five laps with Carlos Sainz, Josete Serrano and Lucas Ordóñez, respectively one second behind Perpi. For his part, Roldán Rodríguez had his pluses and minuses in the most lagging positions.

Perpi entered the pits very early and gave the lead to Sainz. For his part, Coque López started his comeback and stuck to the tail of Madrid’s Mercedes. The degradation of the tires was beginning to show.

Everyone entered the pits and Perpi took advantage of the fights in the upper zone to complete a good undercut and increase his lead. Three seconds compared to Sainz with 25 minutes to go.

Perpi reentered turn nine. Sainz skipped a curve and received a second and a half penalty. Lucas Ordóñez, pursuer of the McLaren driver, stopped on lap 10 to try an undercut on the Spaniard. Sainz did it at 11.

Victory was to be decided by small details in a frantic strategic and physical battle on the track. Perpi and Josete maintained a period duel in the last four laps.

Josete finally took him in a brutal overtaking on the final lap. Sainz took advantage of this to get to second place. However, the sanction lowered him to third place. His position was picked up by Coque López. Perpi finally finished fourth.


The Pole was taken by Josete ahead of José Manuel Brea and Manuel Rodríguez. Fourth position for Carlos Sainz, very well placed to try an exit to the epic as in the previous race.

Departure. Comeback from behind Perpi who was second. Josete, third. The leadership was taken by Manu Rodríguez. Carlos Sainz fell to sixth place.

The group of three leading men were joined by Coque López and José Manuel Brea in the second turn. Pure duel of simracers in La Sarthe. Meanwhile, Sainz sixth on the hunt for Lucas Ordóñez.

The race took a dramatic turn in the middle of the equator. Half grid adopted by a strategy and the other half by one in reverse. The fight for victory thus remained more open than ever.

With 15 minutes to go, Sainz took the lead taking advantage of Coque López’s stop. The man from Madrid followed by Manu Rodríguez and Perpi. The one from McLaren joined the party a few laps before and suffered a problem in full defense for the first place afterwards.

A final pit stop by Coque López and Manu Rodríguez put Perpi in the lead. Sainz and Roldán Rodríguez very close to him. These last two pilots wanted to hold on to the end with their tires.

Sainz started the final lap up front thanks to a penalty to Perpi. He did not twist his arm and returned the pass to McLaren’s. An error by Sainz to the epic sent him to the final positions. The victory went to Perpi, second place for José Manuel Brea and third place for Josete.

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