Joselyn Cano will upload new photos, her family will use her account

Joselyn Cano will upload new photos, her family will use her account | INSTAGRAM

The popular american model, Joselyn Cano, unfortunately lost her life on December 7, 2020 due to complications from a surgery, which left a great void in Internet users who considered themselves her fans.

Today we mention it again thanks to the fact that his family I made a post on their Instagram stories which surprised many of their followers who expected us to see some of her activity since she literally cannot publish.

It is about a letter in which they revealed that from today they will be uploading content from the influencer behind the scenes of their photo shoots and some others Photo shoots that he had not yet revealed.

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This action has divided the opinion of Internet users who were apart are happy to be able to see their beauty enjoying those attractive photographs that she used to take while another party considers that they should let her rest and that it even seems that they are wanting to monetize with all this what for many is also considered a lack of respect

On what can we base ourselves to say if what they are doing is correct or not? At the end of the day it is about her direct family and they have the power to decide on that account because practically she left her as a type of inheritance and perhaps he would have wanted it to be used in this way.

At the moment we can only be aware of their social networks, hoping that the content is enjoyable and waiting for the reaction of their beloved audience who could agree and another large percentage do not, so it will be very interesting to see their reactions.

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And do you think this is a good decision or do you think they should let Joselyn Cano rest?

Surely we will be receiving quite attractive and even nostalgic content for many of its followers who thought that there would never be a new piece of content on their part, so it could even be considered as very exclusive content that will be appreciated with nostalgia and admiration.

Here at Show News we will have the information and new photographs ready for you to enjoy and share with your friends, also waiting for your opinion on the matter and seeking to reach a conclusion on the subject.