Josef Fares will offer a thousand dollars to anyone who is not bored with It Takes Two

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Josef Fares, responsible for A way out and the upcoming It Takes Two, he always has something to say about his games, the industry, the Oscars, and whatever comes to mind. This time, the creative is offering a thousand dollars to all those who play his next title, and you can honestly say that you were bored with this experience.

In an interview with Game Informer, Fares talked about It Takes Two, a game that will be available next March. During his talk, the developer mentioned that this new experience is so fun that no one will get bored, and if they do, the director will give these people a thousand dollars. This was what he commented:

“There is one other thing I can guarantee with It Takes Two: it is impossible, and I want you to quote me, that this game will bore you. I can literally give a thousand dollars to anyone who says ‘wow, I’m sick of this video game because it doesn’t surprise me.’ One thousand dollars! I guarantee it. I will give them to all those who get bored. But they have to be honest about it. “

This comment came to light after Fares realized that only 51% of the players who purchased A Way Out made it to the end of this adventure. Although this is a high average, the director does not like that the other 49% did not see the end of this title. This was what he commented:

“I know people who would come and say to me, ‘wow, it’s great that 51% of the players have completed A Way Out,’ and they would tell me that it was an extremely high percentage, but it really hurt me. That means 49% of people didn’t complete the game. It’s not something that should make me feel happy. “

Although earning a thousand dollars for saying you don’t like a game sounds like a dream for many, Fares is obviously kidding. This is just one way of saying that It Takes Two is a great title full of interesting ideas. We can only wait to next March 26, 2021, when It Takes Two comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.


Via: Game Informer

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