José Ramírez hunted; Leader in the American and flirts with Acuña Jr

The dominican Jose Ramirez connected his home run 11th of the season with the Cleveland Indians in MLB.

Through the game of the Seattle Mariners and the Cleveland Indians, Jose Ramirez made itself felt with a huge home run by right field to get one step away from the leadership with Ronald Acuña Jr. and incidentally lead the American League in said department above JD Martínez among others.

Here the video:

In the last five seasons Jose Ramirez proven to be one of the best hitters in the American league and the entire MLB, since, he has been twice in the competition for him for the MVP, However, two of them have been frustrated by the player of the Anaheim Angels, Mike Trout and another the others by his namesakes Jose Abreu and Jose Altuve.

At the beginning of the season it was rumored that the Cleveland Indians were negotiating a contract extension with José Ramírez, however the Dominican signed an extension for 26000000 and 5 seasons in 2017 since then you are heading to free agency and not there are extensions talks with the team that gave birth to his career in the major leagues of the MLB.

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