This Wednesday, August 12, Spanish Television decided to dedicate to Manolo Escobar a new installment of ‘Blood ties’. The decision could not have been more successful and is that the space led by Boris Izaguirre achieved its best data of the season (1,608,000 viewers and 13.5%) in this broadcast. The program featured on set the presence of Vanessa García, daughter of the artist, José Manuel Parada, Juan Valderrama, Rocío Carrasco, Charo Reina or Bibiana Fernández, among others. But what little we could hope for is that one of those talk shows was going to launch live a loud bang to another of the faces with whom he shared the set that night.

Rocío Carrasco and José Manuel Parada

It all came about when in a moment of the night they talked about the figure of Vanessa Martín, the artist’s daughter and Ana Marx. Details of its adoption were given in the documentary and in the subsequent debate they wanted to value their role in the family, but also in the media. At that time, José Manuel Parada took the opportunity to emphasize that despite being the daughter of a famous face, she did not do like others and chose to study in order to enter the world of the media with the necessary training to be able to carry out their work in the best possible way.

« She has never wanted to live off being Escobar’s daughter »

« You have to remember the merit that Manolo and Anita have in educating their daughter Vanessa. They knew how to educate her very well »The one who was the presenter of ‘Cine de barrio’ began by saying, to later launch a loud bang at Rocío Carrasco, present on the set. « You also have to give credit to Vanessa, who has never wanted to live by being the daughter of Manolo Escobar, at a time when she was the daughter of or the son of« , he stated bluntly. At that time, no collaborator wanted to comment on this statement and it is evident that Carrasco was able to join as a collaborator of ‘Día a día’ thanks to being the daughter of Rocío Carrasco, since I had no training to work in a media outlet.

It made the silence…

Parada continued her story and explained that Vanessa had always been clear that if she wanted to dedicate herself to journalism, she had to train and that is why she opted for university. « I told Manolo (…) how nice it is that he chose the path that was not easy », continued counting this, to later add that in his day he promised the girl that once he finished his studies, he could join him to work with him, in order to reward that effort that he made during those five years of career. After this confession, and seeing that nobody else wanted to add anything about it, Boris Izaguirre decided to skip the topic but without a doubt, the zasca was quickly commented on on social networks by the followers of the public chain’s format.