José Manuel González Pacheco, new managing director of Secuoya Studios

Secuoya Studios has announced the addition to its team of Jose Manuel Gonzalez Pacheco, an expert in business and digital strategy management with extensive experience in the audiovisual industry, who will assume the position of new managing director of the Grupo Secuoya study.

José Manuel González Pacheco, new managing director of Secuoya Studios

González Pacheco, who arrives in Secuoya after passing through Mediacrest, coordinate the studio’s fiction, film, entertainment and production services and incentives areas, both among them and with the rest of the group and the team led by the president of Secuoya Studios, James Costos, in the United States. Likewise, it will be responsible for the development and diversification of its businesses in the activities of distribution and services to producers in new activities and internationally.

« For Grupo Secuoya it is a privilege to have the background and experience of José Manuel González Pacheco at the head of the coordination of Secuoya Studios, a leading audiovisual project in the Spanish and international audiovisual industry. With his incorporation our commitment to content in Spanish, the promotion of talent and the development of a sector is reaffirmed, which has been able to adapt in record time to the enormous difficulties posed by the pandemic « , underlines Raúl Berdonés, executive president of Grupo Secuoya.

Given his new duties as Managing Director of Secuoya Studios, González Pacheco expresses « the honor and privilege of assuming these responsibilities together with the great team led by Raúl Berdonés and James Costos himself », as well as « the great challenge of being part of one of the most exciting and relevant audiovisual creation and production projects in the sector for the coming years, with a clear aspiration to generate and exploit intellectual property of the highest quality and internationalization, both in its origin and in its distribution, in search of leadership in the creation of content in Spanish « .

A long career

González Pacheco began his professional career in 1989 as a consultant for media and technology companies at the firms Arthur Andersen and Deloitte before joining in October 2004 as Strategy Director of Antena 3, where he participated in the design of its organic development strategies and corporate purchase, merger and diversification operations.

In March 2010, he was appointed Managing Director of Atresmedia Digital, being responsible for seven years for the content, platforms and digital monetization of the Atresmedia Group, a period in which drives the birth and growth of platforms such as Atresplayer and Flooxer and is responsible for the business of the digital properties and social networks of the Group’s media and activities. Since 2017, he has participated in the founding and management of digital content production companies for brands and in the business development of programmatic advertising startups for OTT.