José Luis Navarro and Borja López enter the Espabox Ranking

In the last update of the Espabox Ranking, there have been interesting additions.

Last weekend the light from Madrid debuted as professionals Borja Lopez, which won on points. It enters position 30.

And also in the super middleweight the Cordoba Jose Luis Navarro, which won by KO (in the photo). Get into position 10.

Updated the new Spanish Professional Boxing Ranking to 14 / July / 21, with the collaboration of the world reference web of records BOXREC, from which ESPABOX is the exclusive editor for Spain and Portugal.
By clicking on the photo of each boxer, the detailed record of each boxer appears in Boxrec.

The ranking includes 239 boxers and 27 boxers.

We have incorporated A search engine above the weight categories. Putting the name, it is not necessary to touch the enter or the magnifying glass, the weight category where the fighter you are looking for is located below, and clicking on the box that appears will take you to the ranking where it is located. It will only be a matter of finding your position. Here below we see an example:

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