Jose Luis Ayala, brother of Ramón Ayala and member of Los Bravos del Norte loses his life | Debate

Ramón Ayala and Los Bravos del Norte are in lut0, a terrible g0lpe has suffered the world of music with the unfortunate establishment of José Luis Ayala.

One of the greatest exponents of northern music has left after being infected and fighting against illness.

According to what was revealed on social networks, the drummer was facing a tough fight against the Covid-19, which ended up taking his life.

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Ramón Ayala, nor the family, have spoken about the unfortunate news, but signs of affection and admiration have not been lacking on social networks.

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José Luis Ayala starts by leaving a huge legacy in northern music, a great career that positioned him as one of the best.

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The Northern Braves began their journey through music in the 70’s and they have more than 112 records in their trajectory; in addition to that his music is still valid and has been a heritage from generation to generation.

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José Luis was part of the group and a strong pillar for the leader, Ramón Ayala, along with whom he made a legend and recorded his name in the history of music. QEPD José Luis Ayala.