José Joel will give a beautiful serenade in commemoration of his father José José | Reform

Nothing cuter than remember to one of the greats with a great serenadeFor this reason, José Joel will honor his father José José with a concert in his honor to remember the Mexican singer-songwriter.

Remembering José José with love is the invitation that José Joel makes with his online concert For you I am +, which will be broadcast tomorrow, August 1 at night.

This will undoubtedly be a great concert and nothing more and nothing less than with the amazing voice of singer José Joel.

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The title alludes to everything we have accomplished thanks to God. ‘For you I am +’ refers to God the Father for life, talent, inheritance, my dad for all the teachings and love, the media and the public. And, obviously, to fondly remember our prince, my father José José, « José Joel said in an interview.

This event will be completely live, however the concert will remain on the platform for 24 hours in case you don’t have time to see it at its original time or if you just want to see it again.

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This time, they are songs by José José corner with José Joel, because we are also promoting new material as a singer-songwriter, so from the beginning to the end it will be a very beautiful evening, « he assured.

It will have everything, because it will have quartet, piano, guitar, bass and drums with medleys to include the greatest number of songs, in which it is speculated that they will be between 35 and 40 topics.

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There will be live musicians because I have always liked that big and strong sound; I come from musical theater, my voice is more established for large orchestras, « said José Joel.

The most incredible thing about it being online is that it can be seen by fans of all the world and not simply in Mexico.

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Remember that this is global, not just national, wherever you are you can buy your tickets, it is very interesting because there will be people from all corners of the world, « he concluded.

So you can see it and enjoy it on Saturday, August 1 at 9:00 p.m. on Eticket Live. Tickets go from $ 99 pesos to $ 150 pesos, and are for sale on Eticket.