José Altuve’s fiery start with the Astros in the Major Leagues

Jose Altuve has been numbers explosives with Astros of Houston in the beginning of the season 2021 of the Big leagues (MLB).

The haters of Jose Altuve They walk without much to say at the moment, because it is already clear that this season and the previous one, there is no theft of signs in the Big leagues. At least for those who brand the Creole as a cheater in the MLB.

But now we go, the Venezuelan of the Astros from Houston has had numbers interesting in the beginning of the season 2021 With his organization, “Astroboy”, until Monday, April 5, he has taken 16 at-bats, where he has connected: 6 hits, 8 runs scored, 4 walks to record an average of .275 in the MLB.

The numbers recorded by Altuve in it beginning of the Big Show, shows that his talent in the batting box is totally natural and that he is made to respond in the Big leagues.

Jose Altuve The 30-year-old continues to silence haters who have spoken ill of him after being branded a “cheater” for stealing signs. But here it is: the shower itself in the beginning of the season 2021.