José Abreu made a sweep that caused a collision of Shohei Ohtani

Cuban Jose Abreu made a sweep at home plate without bad intentions that caused the exit of Shohei ohtani from his first game as a pitcher in the MLB.

After a passed ball from Ohtani, Jose Abreu ran to home plate looking to score when Shohei ohtani it got in his way and ended up on the ground.

Jose Abreu’s sweep was nothing more than a clean sweep without bad intentions, he stayed all the time in the direction of home plate and at the last minute he tried to avoid Ohtani’s legs so as not to cause an injury.

Here the video:

The Anaheim Angels reported that their Japanese Shohei ohtani He has nothing critical after feeling the hooks of Jose Abreu’s feet, nor do they expect him to be for a few days or something like that.