Glitter, balloons, costumes and a lot of « dancing queen ». This was the alternative rider party José Bono Rodríguezson of the socialist José Bono, and the journalist Aitor Gomez held over the weekend and from which they have posted images on their Instagram account. The couple should have said « yes, I want » on June 20 at the Galiana palace in Toledo, but the coronavirus forced them to postpone their plans.

On Saturday, the couple invited a group of family and friends, about 30 people, to celebrate their « no wedding » in Toledo. « We ran out of weddings this year, but not without a party … Thank you very much to all of you who joined us and made that day ‘My big night’, » wrote the rider along with several images of the seventies celebration.

Aitor Gómez wrote: « For a greater cause we did not have our great day, but we will never end the desire to celebrate. Celebrate love, celebrate life, celebrate the great families that we have and celebrate the wonderful family that one chooses, friends. There was also time to remember those who are no longer there, but above all, to dance, enjoy and spend time with those we love the most. «