Jorge Rodríguez accused Guaidó of “gigantic corruption operation”

The Associated Press

Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chavista Parliament, once again accused the interim government of the Republic, led by Juan Guaidó, of leading a gigantic corruption operation for the alleged appropriation of the assets of Venezuela abroad, supported by the United States government.

“It is astonishing that some governments of the world, including that of the United States, have lent themselves to raise a tragic fantasy because, even though it was an exercise of fiction and complete fantasy, of truly gigantic fraud, It does not mean that it has not done deep damage to Venezuela. Two years ago, an elected deputy, stood in a square and proclaimed himself interim president, ”he said.

Rodríguez offered a press conference from the gardens of the Federal Legislative Palace, in which he pointed out of alleged corruption, in addition to Guaidó, to Julio Borges, Carlos Vecchio, Leopoldo López and to others close to the family and government environment.

“Now they know and recognize that the so-called Guaidó process was nothing more than a setup by the Donald Trump administration to promote violence, the theft of assets that Venezuela has abroad and to perpetrate a regime change to allow his lackeys to be installed, in this case Guaidó, in the Presidency of the Republic, to finish stealing all the resources and wealth, « he said.

Covid-19 vaccines

The official showed the letter in which Guaidó’s team allegedly, through a US law firm, denied the use of gold deposited with the Bank of England for the purchase of vaccines against covid-19 to begin its application in Venezuela.

“It is inconceivable. Even when the Bolivarian government signed an agreement last year with the directive of this National Assembly, with the medical representative Julio Castro and the Minister of Health, so that the vaccination would be complied with, these thieves sent a letter to the Bank of England and They tell you that money cannot be used. Why? Why Guaidó’s main dream is to get hold of that gold and it will be to bathe in it. Satrap, thief ”, he declared.

Rodríguez added that Venezuela has resources of 350 million dollars deposited in Citibank and assured that Guaidó, in what he described as a supreme exercise of cruelty, sent a letter to the bank requesting that those funds be transferred to the United States Federal Reserve System.

“With funds blocked abroad, Venezuela comfortably could pay for all the covid-19 vaccines for the more than 30 million Venezuelans, including Venezuelans who are abroad and foreigners who have been living in Venezuela for years, « he said.

Scandal in Paraguay

The Chavista official affirmed that the Paraguayan government, currently headed by Mario Abdo Benítez, has a debt with Petróleos de Venezuela of 360 million dollars. For this reason, he added, that country could not participate as a companion in the dialogue process between the regime and the Venezuelan opposition in the Dominican Republic.

He said that to negotiate the debt with Venezuela with the Paraguayan government, Javier Troconis, Guaidó’s commissioner for the recovery of assets abroad, hired the Argentine lawyer Sebastián Vidal, who is allegedly the lawyer of Abdo’s uncle.

“Troconis agreed with the criminal Sebastián Vidal that they are going to seek that of the 360 ​​million of the debt, it is reduced by 65%. In other words, the government of Paraguay would pay Guaidó, not Venezuela, 100 million dollars and the government of Paraguay would stop paying more than 260 million dollars that they owe us. The commission that was going to be distributed between Guaidó, his friends and Troconis was 26 million dollars, ”he said.

Rodríguez said that the Chavista Parliament will send a letter to the Paraguayan Congress with the alleged evidence that the regime possesses. “The conversations between Abdo and Guaidó, the relationship between the uncle of the president of Paraguay and the lawyer, the negotiation for 26 million dollars. We request that investigate further the relationship between Guaidó and Abdo for the collection of that commission, ”he stated.

He also urged the Argentine Parliament to start an investigation because the talks between Troconis and the Paraguayan government took place, according to that country.