Jorge Masvidal responds to Ben Askren’s words

The rivalry between Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal seemed to have been left behind several months ago. However, it has resurfaced during the previous boxing match between Askren and youtuber Jake Paul.

In July 2019 Jorge Masvidal wrote his name in UFC history by knocking out Ben Askren at UFC 239. The fight only lasted five seconds and made Masvidal an international star. Askren took his loss with class and congratulated Jorge on seizing his opportunity.

Now that Masvidal has joined Jake Paul’s team and talked trash about him again, Ben finally exploded and let out his frustration at the situation. Askren took to Twitter to reply to Jorge, although he deleted his post shortly after.

“I’ve held back for 2 years, but let’s be honest, Jorge. You hit the luckiest knee of your life and I made you famous. You are welcome. Usman beat you 50-43 and will probably do it again next month. Get out of here, loser. “

Ben also made another comment about Masvidal. Askren claimed that Jorge had avoided facing Colby Covington and that prompted a response from the UFC’s so-called ‘BMF’.

“I can’t stand Colby, but let’s be honest, the fake Street Jesus was afraid to fight him.”

“Just like when you told everyone that I was afraid to fight you and then I withdrew your butt in 5 seconds. Shut your damn mouth. Now I’m going to fight the world champion so shut the fuck up x2. “

Masvidal finished his argument by sharing a video that went viral in 2019. Jorge discards that what happened was luck and reminds the world that the knee was something he had been training.

“Hard work + preparation = Luck”

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