Jorge Martín or success without artifice

04/07/2021 at 2:45 PM CEST

“A star is born & rdquor ;. With this bombastic headline he defined Jorge Lorenzo the ascent to the top of Jorge Martin, who has become the fashionable rider in MotoGP after his spectacular debut in the premier class in Qatar.

In his second Grand Prix, the 23-year-old from Madrid took pole and finished third on the podium in Doha. Martin, who despite his inexperience impressively dominates the Pramac Racing Ducati, set the fastest lap alone, without references or escapes. He is the second rookie rider to get pole in less time, a ranking that continues to lead Lawrence, which achieved it in its MotoGP debut in Qatar 2008. It equaled Marc Márquez and Casey Stoner, they also did it the second time.

Already in the race, Martin He led 18 of the 22 laps, astonished with his masterful tire conservation strategy to the finish and climbed to the third step of the podium after being overtaken by his teammate Johann zarco just two curves from the end. Moreover, the ’89’ recognized that if it were not Zarco, would have launched for him “without hesitation.”

Martinator, which now they begin to call Rocket man For his explosive outings, he reclaimed his old nickname: “I like Martinator a lot better, honestly & rdquor ;, he laughed, still with some disbelief at his premature success in the maximum displacement: “It is that it is very beast what is happening”, I recommend. “The improvement I’m making day by day is incredible, I don’t have to say anything, the times show it.”

And it is that when the signing of Martín by PramacIt was unthinkable that he could be on the podium with so few kilometers on the Ducati, the fastest bike on the grid but also a difficult machine to understand. Tell it to Jorge Lorenzo. That is why the Mallorcan has not hesitated to praise the work of his countryman. “In MotoGP when you do important things, when you get poles, wins or championships, you become a star. Jorge has already started doing them after his second MotoGP race. It’s a matter of time before he gets his first win & rdquor ;, he predicted Lawrence on his Youtube channel. “Jorge Martín reminds me a lot of three drivers. On the one hand, to Capirossi for his height and complexion. He is not very tall, but he is very strong, very muscular, he is like a ‘pitbull’. When braking, he reminds me of Stoner because of his aggressiveness and because he brakes very late by releasing the brakes very decisively like Casey did. He also looks a bit like me because of his posture in the middle of the curve, he sags a lot playing with his elbow and shoulder & rdquor ;, he adds Lawrence.

‘Martinator’, assumes his leap forward with the naturalness that characterizes him: “We have taken giant steps, I tried the bike for the first time a month ago or less, and being third on the podium in my second MotoGP race, I think It’s something unique. Leading 18 laps was very difficult. I managed my wheels, I wanted to control the race. I’m happy for the team, they needed this relationship that Johann (Zarco) and I have, they needed a young driver with a lot of enthusiasm The atmosphere is great. “

The first title

The road here has not been easy, although Jorge Martín already tasted the glory in 2018, when he was proclaimed Moto3 world champion with the pole record, showing that he is a one-lap specialist. That triumph was celebrated bathed in champagne with his boss Fausto Gresini, died in February by Covid at age 60 and whom ‘Martinator’ considers one of the ‘key’ men in his career. “That’s why I want to dedicate this first MotoGP podium to Fausto. Surely you will be watching us from up there & rdquor ;, he said excitedly on Sunday in Losail.

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Martin, brilliant in the lower categories, was the first Spanish champion of the Red Bull Rookies Cup promotional contest in 2014. That opened the doors to the Moto3 World Championship, to which he arrived from the hand of Aspar. After two years in Gresini Racing, conquered his first title after adding seven victories and ten podiums, establishing the absolute record of pole positions in the category, with eleven in a single season. En made the leap to Moto2 with the Red Bull KTM Ajo Motorsport and Ducati counted on him when it began planning a revolution in its official and satellite MotoGP structures for in 2021. Yes Jack miller was destined to be the project leader, alongside Pecco bagnaia and the squires of Pramac, Zarco and Martín, the pilot from San Sebastián de los Reyes has insisted on leaving them all behind.

Sacrifices and reward

Jorge Martin has made many people happy these days. To his fan club, to his manager Albert Valera (another parallelism with Lawrence, who was also his represented), his girlfriend ‘influencer’ Anabel Hernandez, to his mother Susana almoguera and above all, his father Angel. “When I met him and he took me to his house, his room was full of motorcycle magazines & rdquor ;, he remembers Suzanne. The family of Jorge He was of a humble class and many sacrifices had to be made so that the father could carry out the sports career of a son who pointed out manners. “I asked Àngel, Are you sure that the boy is good? And he: “Yes Susana, it’s very good & rdquor ;. So we kept doing whatever it took to get it to run & rdquor ;. The first reward was seeing him make his World Cup debut. With the Moto3 title, which they celebrated together in Malaysia, they didn’t ask for more. And now Jorge has taught them that the best is yet to come.