The presenter of ‘Save me’, Jorge Javier Vázquez, has become one of the protagonists of the conference on social networks due to the anger of one of his collaborators, Antonio Montero at the cost of the “Vox speeches” and the journalist scandal Alfonso Merlos, caught with a half-naked woman in his house who was not his then official partner, Marta Lopez.

The catch to Merlos has given and continues to give a lot to talk about in the pink chronicle programs, which have found a vein in the history of Alfonso Merlos, Alexia Rivas and Marta López. In ‘Sálvame’ they have dedicated their afternoon to the matter and one of the collaborators of the program, Antonio Montero has come to the defense of Merlos, claiming that his private life has come to light because he is a journalist who is critical of the government in managing of the coronavirus crisis.

Montero’s words have unleashed the anger of Jorge Javier Vázquez, who has hounded the collaborator, who has prevented him from taking the floor again. “I’m sick of it saying: this one has done wrong, and you go out: and this one more, and this one more. What does it have to do here Pablo Iglesias? What did he put on aunt? It is that really … “. When Montero asked to speak, the presenter has interrupted him again.” No, I am not going to let you talk to talk nonsense. “

“This program is about reds and fags. Period. Whoever does not want to see it does not see it. Reds and fags is what is in this program,” said Jorge Javier.

His words did not take long to unleash the reactions on social networks, where the matter has become one of the most commented trends: