Jorge Javier Vázquez has been the last guest on María Teresa Campos’ YouTube channel. A talk that the presenter has used to remember his most controversial and bitter time, when « I closed the bars to see if I could find someone ». In addition, he has told the anecdote that one day his mother discovered about the time his father, who died at 59, knew he was gay.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and María Teresa Campos

« For many years of my life I have been looking for a boyfriend and I have screwed up to the bottom, with real orcs and terrible people in order not to be alone« , the driver of ‘Sálvame’ admits. » If he did not league, he would come home dusty, « he pointed out about a time that he already considers to be old water and of which Maria Teresa reminded him of that famous photo sleeping on the sofa in a nightclub . « Half of Spain has seen it, » he joked, downplaying it.

The matriarch of Las Campos wanted to know if her guest would have liked that his father, who died of a brain tumor, had seen him succeed in the world of television. « I think it was the anti-son for him, what he had always dreamed of, because I was the opposite », Jorge Javier has defined. « For him, my popularity would have been very difficult, with the kind of programs I do, because it was the opposite of me: a quiet man, I would even say sad. »

A boy’s letter

In closing, he has confessed that he never spoke openly about his homosexuality with his father. « I never told him. I found out he knew it in an interview I gave with my mother for a television program on TV3, ‘El convidat’. Albert Om asked me: ‘So your father didn’t know?’ And my mother jumps with all the tranquility: ‘ah, no, my husband knew it …’ « , Jorge Javier recalled, rescuing his mother’s words: »Once, as you were so careless, a boy wrote you a letter and you left it there your father read itFrom then on, he explained, « there came a time when he stopped asking me if I was getting married and had children. »