Jorge Javier Vázquez felt “shame” after the escape of a suitor with a boyfriend

The first gay throne of ‘Women and men and vice versa’ has an owner: Jorge Javier Vázquez. However, its beginning cannot be considered to be precisely on the right foot, rather, the opposite thanks to a suitor who decided not to continue meeting the tronista live. Now, it is the presenter of ‘Save me’ who has spoken.

Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Saturday deluxe’

During the broadcast of ‘Saturday deluxe’, the team wanted to include this topic among the contents of the night. After a video where it was remembered how Alberto left Vázquez planted To regain her relationship with an ex-boyfriend, the presenter began to speak: « I had a bit of a bad time and I was a bit ashamed« , he sentenced. Anyway, he wanted to make a clarification and, it is that, it is not about » someone else’s shame « , but something of his own

The dating show’s new tronista continued in a visibly sorry tone: « Now what am I doing here with this man who comes to tell me that he does not want anything with me because he wants to fight for something he has outside? « What’s more, Kiko Matamoros himself wanted to establish a relationship between the fugitive suitor and ‘The island of temptations’: »When they arrive they want to fight for what they have and after five minutes they have forgotten« , let fall.

Alberto asks for forgiveness and a date

The show produced one of its usual reports to thoroughly analyze the suitors. They also decided to call Alberto, who was surprising with these statements: « I like older people. My head went a bit and I apologize again. « However, the most unexpected thing was that he again asked the presenter for a meeting, it is not really known why: »If Jorge Javier were willing to have a date with me, even without cameras, and talk to me I would like to meet him, « he confirmed by phone.