Jorge Javier Vázquez and Andrea Levy (PP) engage on Twitter: “Hello, feminist ally”

The controversy jumped on the afternoon of January 13. Jorge Javier Vázquez interviewed Ignacio Aguado, vice president of the Community of Madrid, in ‘Sálvame’, Between laughs, the presenter made him a question about the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, which did not seem to sit well with part of his electorate. Now, Andrea Levy has publicly attacked Vázquez and the Popular Party has responded in a really peculiar way.

« You who are lucky to have her so close: Is Isabel Díaz Ayuso like that, or does she do it?« , Jorge Javier launched, laughing. A question that has caused controversy in social networks; a medium that the Popular Party has used to answer the presenter. Under the slogan « Ayuso is like that », the official account of the party in Madrid has published a video in which, to the rhythm of the song « Walk on Water » from 30 Seconds to Mars, compiles various moments and public interventions of the president.

With her back turned and epic setting, the video begins to give way to some of her most remembered statements, starting with the curious: « The curve, in the Community of Madrid, is the same as the curve of its mouth. Mustia », accompanied by her sad gesture. « I’ll be anyone’s worst nightmare » or « I don’t need to get behind a purple banner once a year » are other curious phrases that the video compiles that, for better or for worse, has caused a sensation in networks.

War between Jorge Javier and Andrea Levy on Twitter

The official account of the match in Madrid is not the only one that has responded to the presenter of ‘Saturday deluxe’. Andrea Levy, delegate for Culture of the Madrid City Council, commented on the news of Vázquez’s comment with an ironic « Hello feminist ally ». The policy alluded to the fact that Vázquez would not have been « as feminist as she claims to be » if she publicly took a position against a woman.

For his part, Jorge Javier Vázquez responded to Levy’s sarcasm by mentioning his comment next to the phrase: « What great pain your words cause me. That’s how you have me now », attaching a well-known photograph of him in which he appears scruffy and asleep, drink in hand, on the couch in a disco. In this way, the presenter dismissed the words of politics, which it wouldn’t seem to make too much sense.