‘Saturday deluxe’ has experienced one of the most tense nights in its history. Belén Esteban returned to the set after about 100 days in which he has been without going to work due to being considered a risk population during the coronavirus pandemic due to diabetes. The one from Paracuellos de Jarama attended as a guest before her return on June 23 to ‘Sálvame’ and eager to talk about how have you lived through these hard times.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Belén Esteban during their confrontation in ‘Saturday deluxe’

Esteban did not hesitate for a moment in attacking not only the Government, but the entire Spanish political establishment. for not having been able to correctly manage the health crisis and reach agreements without dispute. But as if it were a family dinner, there came a time when the issue of politics got out of hand and ended in a very bitter row with Jorge Javier Vázquez, who was angry that his partner accused him of not living the consequences of the coronavirus.

« You don’t live it. You don’t have friends who take the subway, » Belén Esteban reproached her. Vázquez’s patience was full at this precise moment, when he raised his voice and made his anger clear: « Bethlehem, I’m right to the point of being told ‘you don’t live it’. That I’m not going to allow you, and here I am that piss me off. I don’t care if you have friends who go by subway, I also have family and I have older people. So don’t put me in a place where I’m not. Don’t go for that cheap roll because out there yes no « .

Jorge Javier Vázquez leaves the set

The well-known as « princess of the people », without looking at him, managed to say « well, it seems not », while in the background one of the collaborators was heard to predict that « he is going to get involved ». « I am up to the nose of that speech of you are one way and I am another. I have a family that is having as bad a time as yours and I don’t count it« The presenter explained. » Don’t put me in that same shit, « he continued. » And what the hell do you think you work for, my sisters? « I asked, hinting that he also knows what’s going on. »I will not allow you to come and give me lessons on absolutely nothing »

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Belén Esteban get mad at ‘Saturday deluxe’

Belén Esteban emphasized that she was telling what she had lived, to which the Catalan explained that she « I had not lived it in a unique way« Well, there are many people who have suffered much more. » Do not put me on that level, « he ditched. The presenter assured that he did not feel like asking any questions, to which the collaborator got up to leave while her colleagues tried to put peace. Finally, Vázquez left the set very hot, asking Lydia Lozano to take over the management of the ‘Deluxe’ while Esteban tried to hold back his tears: « Here we have all had a very bad time. What I do not like is that there is a gradation of ‘I have had a worse time’, » Vázquez finished.

With this one off the set, the guest complained that if she had listened for three months to « say what they have said » some like Jorge Javier or Kiko Matamoros, she also had her chance: « I do not come standard-bearer of anything or anyone« he defended himself, about to leave the set. The interview continued without the presence of the Catalan, who did not return to the program until it ended. In his farewell, Belén Esteban cast doubt on whether he would rejoin ‘Save me’ next Tuesday after the anger experienced.